Scrap Skeins

Scrap skeins on their way into the oven for a heat treatment.

A byproduct of my yarn reclaiming business: scrap skeins.  These little skeins come from the leftover bits of sweaters–cuffs or collars or damaged sections.  I usually let those leftover bits pile up for a while, and once the pile reaches overwhelming proportions (i.e., when they overflow their designated bin) I unravel and wash a bunch of them at once.

These freshly washed pink and red scrap skeins are on their way into the oven for a heat treatment before being bagged in ziplocks and put away.

Wool Yarn

chunky wools

Wool yarn is not as profitable to sell as cashmere or silk, and I really don’t need any more wool to add to my own stash–but when I’m out thrift-store shopping for sweaters to unravel, I can never resist a big, squishy wool sweater in a neutral color.  I think these aran to bulky weight wool yarns would make beautiful knitted couch pillow covers.